Why Is It Important for HR Applications to Go Mobile?

With mobile phones becoming an integral aspect of our lives, mobile-based applications are also picking up the steam in almost every sector, thanks to the increased functionality of such apps. Human Resources (HR) professionals using mobile apps for their work was among the minority a year ago, but gradually their number is also increasing significantly as they’ve started realizing its benefits like enhanced staff productivity.  If you are working in this field, but still are not using mobile HR apps, the below reasons can justify its benefits to you, your organization as well as the employees.  

Convenient and Flexible Employee Profile Management

Employees can manage their profiles, qualification, contact details, and other crucial data from anywhere at any time right on their mobile devices, which is a highly convenient and flexible feature of HR mobile apps. This helps the manager to maintain updated records of recent employee details.  

Quick Access to Payslips

In a majority of the companies, employee payslip is a very common request that the HR team receives. With the ability to download the salary slips from their mobiles, it’s a great way to save the time of the HR team and also a highly convenient option for employees.

Quicker Approval of Leave Request

HR managers can view the leave requests by employees by enabling a specific feature of such apps and they can process the requests using any mobile gadget. Employees can also see their complete leave details and send requests accordingly to their managers for approval.

Enhances Collaboration and Resource Planning

Most HR apps come with a feature that lets HR managers and other employees to see the leave requests of their co-workers. This kind of transparency about the absence of their colleagues helps them team to collaborate better and plan resources accordingly for a project.

Improves Employee Communication

Employee directory is a common feature of the mobile HR apps that includes the contact details of every employee. Enabling this directory with parameters and search functionality like contact number, email ID, address, location, designation and other such vital details helps in faster communication with the other employees when need arises. This feature can further be enhanced with options like the ability to ‘star’ the contacts that are commonly used.

As a HR professional, don’t you think HR applications going mobile would make a great value addition? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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